St. Johns County went live with Cityworks in their Public Works Department in October 2006.  The County has experienced significant cost savings as three of the four Public Works Divisions are now using a single, unified system.   The County realized cost savings in not having to upgrade their outdated fleet management application with a completely new system.  Because the Public Works Department utilizes the Cityworks ELA (Enterprise License Agreement for organizations of 100,000 or less), using Cityworks was the most economical choice.  In addition, a performance-based budgeting tool was successfully designed for the County and now operates within Cityworks allowing the County’s users to track costs associated with asset types and work order activities.  St. Johns County has been very pleased with the results they have experienced utilizing Cityworks.

Gail Oliver, St. Johns County Surveyor, states: “Our implementation of Cityworks went well and the results of the system have exceeded our expectations. Our use of Cityworks has brought high technology into job duties that previously did not involve technology, greatly improving the accuracy and efficiency of our Public Works Department.  GIS technicians, Public Works staff, supervisors, and field crews are able to get on the same level and use and embrace the same technology. Many of us here at the County thought this would be the biggest challenge of the project, but it became the easiest. Now that we can use the planning and performance-based budgeting tool to manage our finances more effectively, it makes the software even better.”

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