Cityworks Storeroom is a great tool for warehouse management, inventory monitoring and reporting, and can be used in a number of unique ways. This Innovate Conference presentation shares various tips, tricks, best practices, and examines some new functionalities and future enhancements that will help you fully leverage Storeroom.

Since its inception, Storeroom has gone through various iterations—starting out as a desktop software to its current HTML5 application version. Throughout its evolution it has been repeatedly refined to assist in the management of materials. Recent enhancements include the addition of digital signatures, transaction attachments, a reason field for audits.

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“Everybody from accounting to zoo-keeping can benefit from Storeroom,” says Brad Johnson, industry practices manager at Cityworks. In fact, Storeroom was recently used by Gary Community Investments, in Colorado, to manage the testing of COVID-19 patients. They also used Storeroom to track vaccinations and materials. Watch the video below to find out more.

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