Is there a street light out in your neighborhood or a pothole that needs fixing? Now you can report that problem to the City of Coon Rapids by using your smart phone or computer.

By using a new software tool called “SeeClickFix”, residents can report problems to the city in an easy, streamlined way. With the SeeClickFix mobile app, residents can report a problem at the very moment they see it. The app will allow residents to describe the problem, provide its location and attach a photo if needed. The information is then sent directly to the city’s service request system where city staff can arrange for work to be done on the repair. Citizens will receive a confirmation message by email once the report is received, and citizens can track the status of the reports online. Once the work is complete, the resident will again be notified by email message.

Residents can download the SeeClickFix app from the Apple App Store, Android Market, or on the city’s website at The phone apps are free. Residents can also follow SeeClickFix activity on Facebook.

Residents without a smart phone can also report problems by using SeeClickFix. Simply log on to, and click on the SeeClickFix icon on the homepage. This online reporting system will also allow citizens to provide a description, location and photo of the problem.

Coon Rapids Mayor Tim Howe says, “We believe SeeClickFix is a great tool to allow citizens to interact with local government in an easy, high-tech way. No longer do you have to go home and look up the phone number to city hall. With SeeClickFix, you can report a problem immediately. By everyone working together, we can continue to maintain our beautiful community.”

“Each day, more communities are bridging the gap between offline and online engagement through digital tools like SeeClickFix,” said Ben Berkowitz, CEO of SeeClickFix. “The City of Coon Rapids is an excellent example of how local government is harnessing technological advances to connect with citizens, maximize resources and solve real problems in the public space.”

City officials stress SeeClickFix is for non-emergency problems. Example problems that can be reported by using SeeClickFix include potholes, graffiti, street sign repairs, trees down in the street, park problems, etc. If someone has an emergency, they should call 911.

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