The Azteca Cityworks® 2010 User Conference was held in St. George, Utah from May 17-19, 2010. While Azteca Systems, Inc. hosted an exceptional conference and introduced the soon-to-be-released Cityworks 2010 product to an enthralled audience, Timmons Group, a Gold-Level Azteca Implementation Partner and our clients had an equally extraordinary experience.

During the plenary session attended by most of the 400+ conference attendees, Azteca recognized Timmons Group client the Town of Colonie, New York for its highly successful implementation of one of the first Cityworks Permitting (PLL) solutions. Rob Mateja, Town GIS Manager and Cityworks Administrator, attended the conference and gave a workshop presentation, in collaboration with Timmons Group, entitled “ The Building Department Moves to the 21st Century with Cityworks Permitting”. Rob was able to share valuable information to both existing and potential Cityworks Permitting clients. Rob is a multi-talented GIS Manager who was able to develop, articulate and achieve Town-wide buy-in to his vision of GIS-centric asset management and permitting solutions. Timmons Group and Azteca partnered with Rob and his Building Department co-workers to deliver a highly functioning Cityworks Permitting solution within a tight time- frame and limited budget.

L.A. McCracken, Information Technology Coordinator with the City of Alexandria’s (Virginia) Department of Transportation & Environmental Services, Virginia presented “ Project Implementation Strategies for a Successful Implementation”. In partnership with Timmons Group, the City undertook the planning, design, development and implementation of its Cityworks MMS solution for the T&ES and Parks and Recreation departments in just under one year. Alexandria was able to achieve its goals by picking the right project participants and empowering them to make the right decisions. L.A. and the other City project leaders relentlessly managed the project plan, anticipating and meeting scheduling and technical challenges head-on. L.A. and his new team of Cityworks maintenance management professionals stepped up and did everything they needed to do to achieve their lofty goals.

Timothy DeSalvo, GISP, City of Newport News (Virginia) Public Works Department Asset Administrator, has long been a leading Enterprise Asset Management visionary. As a long time Cityworks user and Timmons Group client, Tim continues to show that he has a clear growth path for his program that revolves around GIS-centric work management activities. He is a passionate program manager who is inspires his staff by example and is willing to go the extra mile and take the necessary risks to extend, enhance and continuously improve his Cityworks asset management solution. Tim’s presentation on “ Cityworks in 2010: Time to Learn, Launch, and Succeed” showcased his Cityworks expertise and shared his unique experiences and understanding of internal politics, procurement issues and the multitude of human and technical challenges that must be overcome to achieve success. Tim continues to drive improvements for the Citizens of Newport News with his Cityworks solution as they are actively upgrading to Cityworks Server MMS and extending the core Cityworks MMS functionality to handle condition based monitoring work orders through a SCADA interface.

Ken Holbert, Town of Herndon (Virginia) GIS Manager and Cityworks Administrator, presented “ Online Customer Request Management” showcasing how his organization leveraged Timmons Group’s Request LoGIStics (a Cityworks and CRM application) to enhance its citizen interactions related to a variety of work requests. Request LoGIStics was born when Ken asked Timmons Group to build a web-based front-end to Cityworks using the Azteca developed Service Request API. What started out as a simple means for citizens to log service requests via the web, has since grown into a lightweight, yet robust, Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) solution that directly leverages the Cityworks database and functionality, extending Cityworks access to the public via a web-based request portal. Ken’s vision and Timmons Group’s willingness to achieve his vision as our own and deliver upon it have drawn favorable reviews from other Cityworks organizations. Request LoGIStics has also been implemented by the City of Alexandria and Newport News as well as the Lafayette Consolidated Government, Louisiana, in the past year.

For those interested in learning more about Request LoGIStics, please contact us as Email Contact or join one of our upcoming webinars on May 27 or June 8, 2010. Register at Timmons Group congratulates Rob, L.A., Tim and Ken for their well-deserved recognition as CMMS and PLL trailblazers. We thank all of our Cityworks clients for the opportunity to work side-by-side with them as they seek to better their organizations.

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