Timmons Group, a leader in enterprise geospatial products and services has expanded their Asset Management practice. Recent additions to the practice include:

Traci Berlingieri was recently hired as a Geospatial Analyst. She has over 14 years of management experience for a wide range of Geographic Information Systems (GIS)-centric projects including implementation of Cityworks® Desktop and AMS for various clients. Prior to joining Timmons Group, Traci was a System Analyst for Woolpert, Inc. in the Atlanta, Georgia area. She is a graduate of Ball State University and is a certified GIS professional.

Rachel O’Neil is a Solutions Architect with over 17 years of technical experience with programing and system integration services. Prior to joining Timmons Group, Rachel was with Esri Canada. She is a graduate of the University of Toronto and obtained a Masters from Athabasca University.

Joe Berlingieri, a Geospatial Analyst, is focused on the implementation, training and support utilizing Azteca Cityworks software. He has been a part of several notable AMS and PLL projects throughout the Country including the Cities of Alpharetta, Fayetteville, and Naperville. Prior to joining Timmons Group, Joe was with Rolta. He is a graduate of the University of Akron and is a certified geographic information systems (GIS) professional.

Stefan McFayden was hired as a Geospatial Technician. He is a recent graduate of James Madison University and is responsible for analyzing client data and current permitting practices, developing strategies for building a successful PLL environment, and configuring PLL systems accordingly to meet the needs of clients.“Timmons Group is excited to welcome these individuals to our Asset Management practice. Their addition will enhance our ability to better serve our clients. We believe that these individuals, combined with our existing staff, provide a solid foundation for technological knowledge and advancement. As a team, we look forward to providing exceptional customer service faster and providing more face-to-face trainings with our clients from conception to completion. ” Lowell Ballard, Principal, Timmons Group

About Timmons Group

Timmons Group is a leading provider of geospatial information architecture and engineering services throughout the United States and Canada. As an Azteca Cityworks Gold Implementation Partner and Strategic Development Partner, Timmons Group provides innovative solutions and customized user training and support to maximize software investments. Timmons Group implements solutions that include mobile workforce and the integration of third-party systems with Cityworks Server® to create seamless workflows without paper and duplicated data entry. Timmons Group maintains a strong business partner relationship with Esri, and has been a recipient of both the Esri Business Partner of the Year award and the Esri Foundation Partner of the Year award. For more information about Timmons Group’s Asset Management services,

contact Ron Butcher at ron.butcher@timmons.com

or visit: www.timmonsgis.com.


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