The 2021 Cityworks Innovate Conference was jam-packed with amazing presentations that covered an extensive range of topics. With over 40 on-demand presentations available for viewing, it can be difficult to decide which one to watch. Luckily we’ve put together a list of our top 5 favorite presentations from Innovate.

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Cityworks Admin: One-Stop Configuration

Cityworks Admin is a new HTML5 app for configuring Cityworks AMS and PLL. This session from the 2021 Cityworks Innovate Conference introduces the vision for Admin and showcases the latest features and product highlights intended to streamline common configurations. Whether you want to learn how to navigate this app or configure Cityworks to automate work, this will be a great starter.

Cityworks AMS: Latest Features and Functionality

This presentation from the Cityworks Innovate Conference explores Cityworks 15.7, the latest release of our asset management software. This release was the result of collaboration among Cityworks product managers and clients who provided feedback on the enhancements that would offer the most value and be applicable to real-world situations. Discussed in this video are the enhancements to Office and Tablet for AMS, software administration, work activity templates, inspections, and more.

ArcGIS Field Maps: Making Life Easier for Your Staff

ArcGIS Field Maps is the all-in-one Esri app that streamlines data collection, editing workflows and allows staff to report their locations in real-time. All this information can be easily displayed in Cityworks in real-time or utilized with your Cityworks data in the ArcGIS Platform. This Cityworks Innovate presentation walks you through several workflows and examples and demonstrates how Field Maps makes workflows easier for office staff and field crews.

Cityworks Respond: New Features and Functionality

Cityworks Respond informs decision making both in the office and field, by providing a GIS-centric experience that allows you to easily manage assets, create and track work orders, capture digital signatures for inspections and permitting, customize your user experience, and much more. Respond’s powerful dashboards and sleek design helps you leverage your data and delivers a smooth and concise user experience.

Cityworks + Esri = Response & Resilience

This Cityworks Innovate presentation highlights various Cityworks and Esri products that promote rapid emergency response and streamlined workflows. The video explores how tools such as Cityworks Analytics, Cityworks Respond, Cityworks PLL, Cityworks Storeroom, ArcGIS Solutions, ArcGIS Hub, and more can help you with a wide range of activities, including managing natural disaster inspections, keeping track of equipment, labor, and material (ELM) costs, monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs), tracking donations, and more.

Want to watch more presentations from Innovate? Check out our Innovate website. Here you will find all of our live presentations, as well as information about next year’s conference.

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