The City of Celina, Texas, has completely enhanced and streamlined their workflows and infrastructure management through the implementation of ArcGIS and Cityworks. The city has also improved their community engagement through the creation of their “Life Connected app,” which utilizes image recognition technology and enables residents to report public asset issues and submit service requests by snapping a picture with their smartphones.

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Before the adoption of a computerized maintenance management system and GIS, the City of Celina had clunky workflows and a prolonged plan review process. At times addressing was inaccurate, and they often struggled to locate existing infrastructure. ArcGIS helped solve these issues by organizing asset data, ensuring that infrastructure information was accurate and up to date. Celina, with the help of GISinc, also implemented Cityworks over a six month period. They currently use Cityworks to complete everything from performing inspections and executing work orders to documenting services requests and maintaining public assets. Play the video below to find out more.

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