Hunter Hardman
Hunter is a part-time employee in documentation, who was hired in the fall of 2010. He is a student at Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) where he is majoring in architecture. He writes Quick Start Guides, tests documentation and virtual machines (VMs), and researches various topics.

Hunter is an avid athlete. All four years of high school, he played center for the ice hockey team and was JV captain during his undefeated, junior year. While playing, Hunter broke his clavicle (collar bone) with an aggressive open ice hit to an opponent (collision). He also played baseball for a super league team, where he broke his wrist tagging an opponent out.

Hunter is also a musician who plays piano, drums, and guitar (self-taught). His musical taste varies from classical to punk, but he most enjoys playing punk music for his friends and family.

Born in Sandy, Utah, Hunter moved to Draper at age 2 where he still lives. Interesting fact: Hunter loves to travel. One of his favorite destinations is Azores, Portugal, because of the volcanoes and black sand beaches. He has also been to Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands; Cozumel, Mexico; and Iloilo, Philippines.

Nick Orwin
Nick joined our documentation staff on December 16, 2010. He graduated in 2001 with a BA in philosophy from Bloomsburg University, PA, where he focused on the philosophy of mind and language. After graduation, Nick returned home to Utah hoping to find a job teaching. Instead, he found a job as a bellman for a hotel delivering luggage and valet parking. He found he loved serving others and dedicated himself to the idea of exceeding hotel service standards. Ten years later when Nick left the hospitality industry, he did so as the operations manager, overseeing the daily operations at a resort hotel.

Nick loves to fish, read National Geographic, and go to amusement parks. He claims the smartest and easiest thing he’s ever done was to marry. Nick and Laura met each other while working at a resort in Park City. He managed the hotel food outlets, and she was a front desk agent. Their instant friendship soon resulted in a secret trip to Las Vegas to elope.

Interesting fact: Nick is an identical twin. Nick and his twin, Ben, worked together as bellmen for three years, where everyone seemed to enjoy having twin bellmen deliver luggage to their rooms.

Steven Bills
Steven started with Azteca on December 6, 2010, as a testing analyst. Since they test all of the new functionality, he has already had experience with many Cityworks products, especially Cityworks Server AMS/PLL and the APIs. He was born in Sacramento, CA, and lived in the Greater Sacramento Area all of his life except while attending college.

In 2007 Steven graduated with his BS in GIS from BYU, UT, and received his MS in GIS from the University of Redlands, CA, in 2009. He worked part-time as a GIS intern for the City of Rocklin, CA, during 2008, where he did data collection and mapping projects. The City had no other GIS employees the year he worked there, but with the downturn of the economy, they were letting people go when he graduated.

While Steven enjoys cooking and barbecuing, his biggest hobby is music – both listening to and talking about it. He likes many different kinds of music, but his favorite is progressive rock. He plays guitar. Interesting fact: Even though he is not Mexican, he took a new course offered by the music department and played in a mariachi band during his last semester at BYU. The 12 students performed a couple of shows on campus.

Reece Hanzon
Reece joined Azteca Systems as a technical writer on March 14, 2011. He graduated from BYU, Utah, in 2009 with a BA in communications, with an emphasis in print journalism and new media, and a minor in editing. Before joining Azteca, Reece worked as a marketing copywriter and an XML editor.

Reece was born in Ft. Collins, Colorado. He has also lived in Henderson, Nevada; Broomfield, Colorado; several areas near Lima, Peru; and Provo, Utah before moving to Sandy, where he currently resides with his wife, Haley. Haley graduated in English, so they are both “word nerds.” They’ll soon be celebrating their third anniversary.

Interesting tidbit: Reece began writing at an early age, motivated by his love of reading and his desire to create stories of his own. He has written a science fiction/fantasy book (and has several more in the works) and hopes to get it published soon. Reece also enjoys hiking, camping, repelling, cycling, watching football and hockey, and playing some video games.