Philly 311 uses Cityworks as the backend engine and asset management program for Philly 311.

via Philly Innovates

The Philly311 Mobile App had an active winter, mostly through the addition of the Cold Weather widget. This widget brought information about heat complaints, frozen traffic signals, street outages, water main breaks, weatherization programs, and the Low Income Heat and Energy Assistance Program. (Read the blog post about the Cold Weather widget here.)

If you haven’t visited your mobile app recently, you’ll notice that there are even more new widgets on the home screen. The first new widget reads: “Office of Emergency Mgmt.” This widget will take you to OEM’s active, resource-plenty Twitter feed.

Next to the “Office of Emergency Mgmt” widget is a widget that reads: “ReadyNotifyPA Alerts.” Clicking on this will take you to a form to sign up for a Philadelphia ReadyNotifyPA account to receive alerts and emergency notifications via your email, cell or smartphones.

Most Philly311 Mobile App users also aren’t aware of one other important addition: the refresh feature. To check for new notifications, or any other content update on the app, hold down your finger anywhere on the white portion of the screen and “pull” your finger downward.

With these new additions, the Philly311 Mobile app remains a must-have for Philadelphia residents who want to connect with Philadelphia City government from the palm of their hand.

The Philly311 Mobile App is available for free in any smartphone’s app store.


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