Most communities have critical infrastructure that requires constant maintenance and inspection. Consider bridges, for example. Stream gauge monitoring can be used to immediately evaluate whether water level flowing under a bridge could impact structural integrity. Stream gauge sensors can help an organization evaluate the information in real-time and immediately trigger service requests in Cityworks to dispatch an inspection or produce work orders as needed. This is all made possible by the ability to process real-time sensor data within Cityworks.

GISinc, a Cityworks platinum partner, combines the infinite capabilities of the Internet of Things (IoT) with their unmatched Geographic Information Systems (GIS) expertise to provide Geospatial IoT (GeoIoT™) integration solutions. GISinc developed a methodology for integrating GeoIoT sensor technology within Cityworks. They named this integrated solution “Work Smarter” due to the ability to trigger activity inside Cityworks based on information gathered by sensors.

How It Works

  1. The sensor gathers data.
  2. Data is communicated to ArcGIS through GeoEvent Server.
  3. GeoEvent triggers activities in both ArcGIS and Cityworks.
  4. ArcGIS provides the mapping and visualization.
  5. Cityworks provides service requests, work orders, and other activities. Automated dispatch occurs.

When strategically implemented, the Work Smarter approach can have a significant impact in reducing waste, loss, and cost while optimizing personnel tasking and workload; vehicle capacity, fuel, and maintenance; and reallocation of resources.

Infographic showing the GISinc and Cityworks sensor data workflow

Popular GeoIoT use cases for Cityworks customers include:

  • Stream gauge monitoring
  • Rainfall monitoring
  • Bridge integrity
  • Public engagement
  • Trash container capacity
  • Catch basin cleaning
  • Road conditions
  • SCADA (capacity, pressure, rate, etc.)
  • HVAC (temperature, occupancy, etc.)

The possibilities are virtually limitless for tracking assets and physical traits of critical infrastructure. Real-time visibility into your entire inventory can help maintain and reduce financial responsibilities, with the added benefit of loss prevention. By integrating the GISinc GeoIoT Work Smarter solution with the Cityworks public asset management platform, organizations can use automation and location intelligence to become more spatially aware of their assets—all while freeing up staff to focus on other important work activities.

GISinc is a Cityworks platinum partner. For more information on the GeoIoT™ Work Smarter integration with Cityworks, email

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