Facility Management

Helping You Care for Buildings and Grounds

Whether you manage office buildings, recreation centers, utility plants, cemeteries, or zoos, Cityworks has a solution to streamline the care and maintenance of your facilities. Cityworks is inherently designed to help facility managers move from reactive maintenance to a preventative and proactive asset management framework.

Proactive Maintenance

Cityworks uses cyclical work orders to create and assign routine facility maintenance tasks—helping you dramatically reduce unscheduled maintenance and providing accurate insights into the volume and progress of completed requests.

Power to the People

Cityworks and ArcGIS provide powerful tools to help you engage management, staff, residents, and business owners in the care and maintenance of your facilities. Our system of engagement and system of record allow diverse stakeholders to report issues, remain informed, and monitor progress.

Easy Code Enforcement

Cityworks helps you streamline inspections and reports for regulatory programs such as ADA compliance. 

Asset Management Inside the Fence in Mesa, Arizona

Water and wastewater utilities are responsible for the care of both horizontal and vertical assets. Many organizations find themselves using one type of computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) to manage their mains, valves, hydrants, and manholes—and another system to manage their plants and facilities. While this may seem like a complete solution, it often leads …

Building an Asset Data Model from the Ground Up

What happens when the public assets you want to track don’t have an established GIS data model? When Loveland Water and Power brought a new municipal solar facility online, this was just the problem they faced. In June 2017, the City of Loveland completed construction on a 19-acre, 3.5-megawatt solar plant and neighboring substation. The …

Work Smarter: Integrating GeoIoT Sensor Technology with Cityworks

Most communities have critical infrastructure that requires constant maintenance and inspection. Consider bridges, for example. Stream gauge monitoring can be used to immediately evaluate whether water level flowing under a bridge could impact structural integrity. Stream gauge sensors can help an organization evaluate the information in real-time and immediately trigger service requests in Cityworks to …