Fleet Management

Asset Management on the Go

The health of your fleet is critical to the effectiveness of your field crew. Transform your vehicles from reactive tools to proactive mechanisms for collecting data and improving efficiency.

System of Record

The web GIS-centric Cityworks platform creates and maintains the asset inventory using ArcGIS tools to ensure data integrity, accuracy, and consistency over the entire life cycle of your fleet assets.

System of Engagement

Managers and staff enjoy streamlined maintenance scheduling, easy access to vehicle history records, and enhanced integration with fueling, inventory, and financial systems.

Fully Integrated

Cityworks supports integrations with third-party automatic vehicle location (AVL) solutions, giving you the power to track and plan your vehicle routes. By creating more efficient routes, AVL saves fuel, time, and vehicle wear.  

A Leap Forward in Fleet Management

In the fall of 2016, the City of Auburn Fleet Services Division faced a major problem: the antiquated vehicle management system in use since the mid-1990s was rapidly deteriorating to the point of being unusable. The system was years out of support and required obsolete software such as Windows 2000 and Access 95. A new …

Sugar Land, Texas: Combining Services, Assets, Cityworks, and Financial Planning

Ask any municipality if they are doing asset management, and the response will be yes. Lots of organizations have an asset management system, capital improvement projects, and condition assessments. But asset management, as defined by ISO 55000 and the Institute of Asset Management, encompasses a spectrum of strategic, tactical, and operational business processes. By using …

POWER Engineers Awarded Cityworks Contract at Milwaukee County

POWER Engineers Incorporated (POWER) announced a contract awarded by Milwaukee County for the enterprise implementation of the Cityworks® work order and asset management solution. In this project, Cityworks will provide the ability for viewing assets, tracking maintenance, and supporting decisions for county-wide facility management including the following departments: Facilities, Parks, Zoo, Corrections, Fleet, Transit, and …