Planning and Community Development

Transparency and Accountability

Cityworks PLL—permits, licensing and land—gives planning and community development agencies direct control of their business processes. Designed to simplify applications for customers and streamline workflows for staff, Cityworks PLL helps you deliver better service to your community.

The Power of GIS

Built exclusively for Esri’s ArcGIS®, Cityworks uses your geodatabase as the authoritative system of record for all land and asset information—improving the reliability of addresses, parcels, and land layers. Map layers can display current projects as they are tied to a parcel or building, and public dashboards improve transparency and accountability.

Improve Communication

Our unique template design allows organizations to set up as many templates as they need to manage their specific business processes. Cityworks lets you connect multiple departments, track project status, and attach associated documents to each case. Cityworks eliminates the need to transfer documents from one department to another. 

Fully Integrated

Cityworks PLL integrates seamlessly with the Cityworks Asset Management System, offering a unique enterprise solution built upon Esri ArcGIS. Use PLL and AMS to track the full life cycle of public assets across your organization and achieve greater collaboration between all departments.

5 Keys to Unlocking a Complex System Integration

There’s no question that building integrations to automatically connect Cityworks with other enterprise systems can provide a huge return on investment. However, ensuring the success of those integrations requires considering their wide range in complexity, from the simple one-way nightly data sync to the more complex near-real-time bi-directional integration. Before getting started on your next …

Managing Crime-Free Rental Properties using Cityworks PLL

O’Fallon is a thriving community of about 30,000 residents located in the southwestern corner of Illinois. City professionals are committed to maintaining O’Fallon’s beauty and fostering a safe environment for its residents. As part of this commitment, the city has taken a proactive approach to managing and maintaining residential rental properties. The O’Fallon Crime-Free Housing …

7 Tips for Successful Data Migration

So, you’ve successfully implemented your new permitting system. The software is live, organizational workflows and calculations have been added, and office and field staff are fully on board. But what do you do with historical case data still sitting in your legacy system? Migrating legacy cases from an outdated, unsupported system can seem like an …