Water and Wastewater

Know Every Asset

Maintaining the flow of water and wastewater services throughout your community is a full-time responsibility. Cityworks, the only certified GIS-centric asset management solution, meets the demand.

Streamlined Operations

Cityworks’ unique GIS-centric approach simplifies maintenance and daily operations, allowing users to organize, manage, and maintain asset and work information through the ArcGIS® intuitive map interface.

Configurable Templates

Easy-to-use tools and templates allow users to visualize scheduled work, ongoing activities, recurring maintenance problems, and historical information. Network tracing can be used to analyze specific service situations like main breaks, stoppages, upstream and downstream flows, and more. 

Third-Party Integrations

Based on open technology, Cityworks supports a wide variety of applications and third-party integrations, including warehouse inventory and SCADA.

Risk Assessment

Using data from Cityworks and ArcGIS, Operational Insights helps build risk model strategies for asset management. This system of insight allows cities and utilities to determine how to prioritize maintenance dollars and capital expenditures.

Water Utilities Use Cityworks For:

  • Work Order Management
  • Condition Assessment
  • Maintenance and Service
  • Emergency Response
  • Network Tracing
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Emergency Management
  • Citizen Engagement
  • Capital Improvements

Implementation is Just the Beginning

We did it. We implemented and went live with Cityworks for our wastewater collection system and treatment plant. We migrated from three asset registries and two CMMS to one. Breathe in, breathe out. It feels so good! Let’s check the box because the job is done. Right? Well, hopefully not. Implementation is just the first …

Work Smarter: Integrating GeoIoT Sensor Technology with Cityworks

Most communities have critical infrastructure that requires constant maintenance and inspection. Consider bridges, for example. Stream gauge monitoring can be used to immediately evaluate whether water level flowing under a bridge could impact structural integrity. Stream gauge sensors can help an organization evaluate the information in real-time and immediately trigger service requests in Cityworks to …

Dig Deep: Integrating SC811 and Cityworks

Out of sight, out of mind—a saying that’s all too true when it comes to underground utility assets. Digging blind can lead to serious injury, costly damage, interrupted service, and hazardous environmental threats. Yet, according to the Common Ground Alliance, approximately 38.6 million residents and contractors dig into the ground each year without first locating …