Operational Insights

Identify infrastructure risks and evaluate your maintenance and replacement strategies. 

Insightful Strategies From Visual Information

As infrastructure degrades over time, operation and maintenance costs increase and your customers face negative impacts. 

Operational Insights helps you identify and assess high-risk assets and their maintenance strategies to increase their lifespan. 

An Operation Insights dashboard showing street segments
An Operational Insights dashboard showing the Asset Calculation Dashboard

Business Risk Exposure

Operational Insights can be configured to use your Esri ArcGIS® data to calculate Probability of Failure (PoF), Consequence of Failure (CoF), and Business Risk Exposure (BRE) values.

Monitor Asset Performance

Measure and track the performance of your assets over their entire lifespan by tying your maintenance data to risk assessment calculations and expected useful life.

A laptop showing an Operational Insights Dashboard
A GIF showing Operational Insights' visual data risk assessment

Strategic Decision Making

Interactive data visualizations display risk assessment results in real-time, helping you create a clear strategy for improving your risk management and prioritizing maintenance.

“By implementing Operational Insights, we solved our criticality-inspection-rehab process to extend the lifespan of aging infrastructure.”

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Tom Tibbitts,

GIS/AM/IS Manager, St. Johns County Utilities

Manage Capital Improvement Projects

Once you’ve identified an infrastructure replacement project, leverage Cityworks OpX to create a streamlined environment for project management. OpX provides a single place to view related work activities and assets, compare actual costs to estimated costs, track permit revenue against estimated revenue; and view related contracts.

Flawless ArcGIS Integration

Operational Insights integrates with ArcGIS® Insights, allowing you to create powerful workbooks, perform spatial analysis, and develop graphics that demonstrate the results of your risk analysis. Now, you can more easily communicate risk and more strategically prioritize capital improvement investment.