Daupler offers a Response Management System (RMS) that streamlines prioritization and dispatch for real-time service requests and emergencies. Daupler RMS consists of four main pillars:
1. Inputs – Daupler RMS can receive a variety of inputs, such as SCADA, call centers, web portals, and more
2. Triage – Information is prioritized based on the city or utilities’ procedures
3. Dispatch – Urgent incidents are dispatched to relevant on-call staff, walking them through the response process and collecting important data along the way
4. Engagement and Analytics – Information is communicated to the reporting party and data is collected about the response process to help improve future responses.
Daupler integrates with Cityworks to ensure this response data is automatically documented within the
Cityworks platform, eliminating duplicate data entry. Daupler automatically captures information during
the response process to help crews complete paperwork and focus on their work.


  • What is an RMS?: Video
  • How the Cityworks Integration Benefits Durham, NC: Video