SeeClickFix Connect seamlessly integrates into any existing Cityworks work order system. Your CRM can define service request categories, sync them automatically (or semi-automatically) with SeeClickFix’s powerful configuration tool, and use its own internal knowledge to drive updates and notifications to the community on the online and mobile platform.

COVID-19- SeeClickFix Free for 90 Days

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many local governments have closed their offices. Now suddenly remote, employees and their workflows/processes must adapt quickly.

Mention citizen request management and potholes come to mind – not pandemics. However, SeeClickFix’s flexibility allows staff to manage inquiries coming in from Facebook, phone calls, website, and mobile apps while working remotely.

This includes:

    • An easy to use call taker interface
    • SeeClickFix mobile apps (Android and iOS) for request submission
    • An embeddable portal to utilize on your website for request submission
    • Facebook app to receive requests directly from your organization’s Facebook page
    • A citizen request management system with the ability to easily communicate updates back to residents
    • One user license and unlimited internal requesters


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