Pavement Management

Pave The Way to Improved Operations

Whether you’re patching potholes or rebuilding roads, maintaining pavement infrastructure is both costly and time consuming. Get ahead of the curve by integrating your pavement analysis tool and your work management system.

Streamline Your Process

Pavement Management provides an easy-to-use communication link between Cityworks and pavement analysis tools like PAVER. 

Prioritize Your Work

Pavement Management assists in prioritizing work according to pavement condition, budgeted amount, and available resources.

Justify Your Budget

Pavement Management helps in planning pavement maintenance and rehabilitation (M&R).

Fully Leverage Your GIS

ArcGIS is the most effective way to track and monitor road assets. By managing your pavement infrastructure in the geodatabase, Pavement Management allows you to track materials, costs, work history, and pavement analysis data in one central location. Now you can stay ahead of pavement condition, work orders, and inspections.

View Your Operational Data

Use the power of GIS intelligence to understand pavement inspection data at a glance. With the help of Cityworks Analytics and Esri’s Insights for ArcGIS, you can create dynamic reports and data visualizations. You have the power to effortlessly interpret Pavement Condition Index (PCI), prioritize work, and utilize past work history to predict future pavement conditions. 

See Pavement Management in Use

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