The Cityworks Platform

Cityworks® is the original and leading GIS-centric asset management system built exclusively on Esri’s ArcGIS®. Our platform is designed to help local governments and utilities manage public assets and their associated data, work activities, and business processes.

Cityworks desktop and mobile application interface

System of Engagement

Empower customers and employees to report and collaborate—anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

System of Record

Collect, manage and compile
authoritative ArcGIS data.

System of Insights

Visualize and analyze your data.
Improve your operations.


Cityworks AMS

You need to provide sustainable services to your customers while maintaining assets in a cost-effective manner. Cityworks AMS helps managers evaluate, prioritize, schedule, and track operations and maintenance work.


Cityworks PLL

Cityworks PLL—permits, licensing and land—gives agencies direct control of their business processes.  Cityworks PLL allows agencies to share information, streamlining the application and review process and improving customer service for contractors and residents.


Cityworks & ArcGIS

Asset management can only be performed with an accurate asset inventory. To effectively manage public assets, you need to know what they are and where they are located. That’s why Cityworks is built exclusively on Esri’s innovative ArcGIS technology.



Once you start collecting data, you gain new insights into your operations. Cityworks offers powerful analytics tools to help you plan and schedule work, create and refine budgets, and identify and assess high-risk assets.


Mobile Solutions

Your work isn’t limited to your desk. Your data shouldn’t be, either. We offer a variety of tools to help you access and update valuable information on the job and on the go.



Material management is one of the most costly areas of any organization. The key to success? An efficiently-run, well-organized warehouse where inventory levels are monitored, material is available, and reordering is easy.


Task-Specific Tools

Cityworks provides a number of software utilities designed to assist specific user types. From sewer inspections to database table editing, we have a solution to meet your needs.