Gain insight into your organization’s data and make better decisions with Cityworks Analytics. This robust tool uses Esri’s ArcGIS Insights to analyze the labor, cost, materials, and condition associated with your infrastructure assets. Together, Cityworks Analytics and ArcGIS Insights can help you easily visualize data with simple yet powerful visualizations, from real-time maps to dynamic charts and graphs.

Make Better Decisions

Cityworks Analytics, along with ArcGIS Insights, is a GIS-centric tool that uses spatial location to revolutionize how you use analysis to identify data trends and make operational decisions.

Improve Your Understanding

With Cityworks Analytics and ArcGIS Insights you can follow the visual narrative that unfolds as information is put into context by insights gained from location-ready data.

Reduce Operational Costs

By creating a holistic view of your data in a visual story, Cityworks Analytics and ArcGIS Insights assist in discerning how to proactively budget to reduce expenses.


We live in a data-driven age. In order to deliver your desired outcomes, your data must lead to action. The best way to close this intelligence gap is through the power of GIS-centric analysis. Cityworks Analytics and ArcGIS Insights tell your data’s story through powerful visuals. Now you can see what action to take to get the results you want.


Clear the confusion by building an effective analytics solution that provides you with GIS intelligence, so you can confidently act on your data. Cityworks Analytics and ArcGIS Insights simplify your data with spatial analytics that will improve decisions, maximize productivity, and clearly communicate information to all stakeholders. 


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