Cityworks AMS

Empowering GIS intelligence for public asset management.

Manage your work. Anytime. Anywhere.

You need to provide sustainable services to your customers while maintaining assets in a cost-effective manner. Cityworks AMS is designed to help you manage public assets and their associated data, work activities, and business processes.

The GIS-Centric Platform

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Use the ArcGIS geodatabase as the authoritative system of record for all asset classes—linear, dispersed, and condensed.

Take advantage of well-known data structure elements to integrate Cityworks with other business systems.

Support your organization throughout the entire asset management workflow: from data collection and work management to regulatory reporting and strategic planning.

Use ArcGIS tools for simple and effective location intelligence, supported by web maps and single sign-on access to Esri apps and analytics solutions.

Cityworks + ArcGIS

Cityworks is the leading GIS-centric platform for public asset management.

Access Real-Time Data

Cityworks is built exclusively on ArcGIS, giving both office staff and field crews access to real-time data and simplified workflows.

Make INFORMED Decisions

Use dashboards, analytics, and maps to visualize data, understand resources, and report more accurately.

A desktop computer showing the emergency dashboard

Improve Collaboration

Share asset data and streamline communication among employees, across departments, and with your customers.

Identify and Evaluate Risk

Cityworks and ArcGIS can help you identify your riskiest assets and put the right plans in place to improve them.

A tablet showing operational water dashboard


Empower your field crews to interact directly with GIS assets by collecting information, reporting observations, uploading pictures, completing outstanding tasks, and using visual map tools to streamline workflows.