Project Management Software for Every Stage of the Construction Lifecycle

Infrastructure projects demand complete visibility. e-Builder is the leading software for asset owners managing capital improvement construction projects. It delivers a 30:1 reduction in cycle times and provides up to 4% project cost savings, keeping you on-time and within budget. And now, e-Builder integrates with Cityworks on the Trimble Construction One™ platform.

The new e-Builder and Cityworks integration as part of Trimble Construction One provides a seamless transition from the build-to-operate phase of your project. It automatically imports assets across the software platforms, ensuring you move from construction to operational maintenance with ease. With e-builder and Cityworks, project complexity is simplified.

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Cityworks and
e-Builder for Complete Project Visibility

e-Builder provides users with a suite of software solutions designed to carry your construction project through the entire build phase. From pre-construction planning to project management and financial solutions, e-Builder gives users the ability to visualize each step as you take an infrastructure project from BIM to build to operate.


“With Trimble’s Asset Lifecycle Management solution, our staff can work out of a single system with seamless integration across a project’s lifecycle. Before Trimble, we had no standard way to capture project data and report on capital spending. Now, we can track work in the field back to the budget in real-time to create standardized reports for executive managers and demonstrate our progress to stakeholders and the community. From plans and permitting, construction, and asset management—everything starts and ends in one location, making the entire process much simpler.”

Chad Foley, Technology Manager at City of Raleigh Municipal Government

Connecting Construction


e-Builder Enterprise, the trusted capital improvement program management software for owners, increases transparency and improves project outcomes through modernized cost, business process, document and performance management.


Cityworks, the leading GIS-centric public asset management and permitting solution built exclusively
on Esri® ArcGIS® empowers communities to manage, maintain,
and reinvest in/optimize their infrastructure.

Intergrated Workflows

By integrating your build-to-operate workflows, gain efficiency driven data exchange that’s built to create better transparency by allowing important asset data to be available to all of those that require it for project execution.

Streamline New Build Projects

With e-Builder, you have the power to visualize your project with end-to-end program management that guides you through the build phase with powerful data visualizations. Cityworks PLL guides you through the planning and licensing process with a robust framework that ensures every box is checked as you move from BIM to construction. It helps you plan for the future and for the assets you’ll need during every stage of an infrastructure project. e-Builder then provides you with a complete picture to begin construction.

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e-Builder is the most trusted solution for the build phase for project management of capital improvement programs. Empowering project delivery during the “Build” phase, e-Builder Enterprise is capital improvement program management software that increases transparency and improves project outcomes through accurate cost tracking, customized business process management, and control over project performance management.

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Manage Your Asset Lifecycle

During the build phase, Cityworks AMS imports inventoried project materials directly from e-Builder, ensuring all assets are tracked and enabling the creation of a comprehensive overview for the operating phase. With 80% of project cost occurring after the build phase is complete, having a powerful computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) to manage assets throughout the project lifecycle facilitates the capital management crucial to infrastructure projects.

Build Maintenance Strategies Into Your Project

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Anything from a utility pole to a water main has a known lifespan. That lifespan can be affected by factors ranging from degree of use to weather exposure, and reactive maintenance is expensive and time-consuming. By having a comprehensive picture of an asset’s history beginning with purchase and install in e-Builder and following with operational maintenance in Cityworks, you are ensured accurate asset management and maintenance details from a project’s beginning.

A Special Offer for Cityworks Customers

Cityworks customers can now purchase e-Builder without needing an RFP by adding it to their existing Cityworks contract.

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