Cityworks PLL

Goodbye, paperwork.

Cityworks PLL—permits, licensing and land—gives agencies direct control of their business processes. Designed to simplify applications for customers and streamline workflows for staff, Cityworks PLL helps local governments and utilities deliver better service to their communities.

Application Management

Efficiently manage the submission, review, and approval of permit applications and inspections.

Effective Communication

Share status and inspection information seamlessly across departments—and with the public.


Our functional forms are highly adaptable and can be tailored to any organization’s unique structure and needs.


Assign permits, projects, and inspection data to GIS assets. Never lose another form again.

In the Office

Cityworks PLL brings a new level of accountability and efficiency to community development. The Cityworks PLL workflow engine is the workhorse of the system, allowing you to accurately track permits, planning and development every step of the way—from initial request to departmental plan reviews, fee collection, inspections, regulatory meetings, hearings, renewal, and more.

In the Field

Give your employees the power to contribute to permitting, engineering projects, code enforcement and more—all from their mobile devices.

Track Permits and Work Activity

Maps have always been an easy way to catalog and visualize location data. When you assign work activity and permitting information to a specific location, you open a whole new world of efficiency and communication.

Visualize Your Data

Using ArcGIS as the authoritative system of record, Cityworks supports spatial analysis of permit applications, code inspections, work activities, and operational insights. Map layers can display current projects as they are tied to a parcel or building, and public dashboards improve transparency and accountability.

Improve Transparency

Navigating government services can be daunting for both internal and external users. Public Access provides a single starting point with customizable landing pages that connect your users to Cityworks PLL and AMS.

See PLL in Use

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There has never been a more demanding time for municipalities. Thanks to an “always on” world, residents and contractors increasingly expect immediate access to accurate information and quality service. Public leaders, too, are demanding better engagement tools for their constituents. From permitting and inspections to licensing and regulatory requirements, civic professionals are turning to Cityworks …

Maps that Empower and Protect

In communities across the U.S. and Canada, pet licenses provide a valuable system for keeping tabs on our four-legged friends. When pet licenses are managed effectively, they not only help reunite lost pets with their humans—they also help municipalities track health and safety concerns. However, many pet license systems rely on cumbersome forms and processes …

A Mobile Solution for Code Enforcement

The City of Fayetteville provides services to over 200,000 residents throughout the area. Located in the southern region of North Carolina, Fayetteville neighbors the renowned Fort Bragg U.S. Army Base, the largest military installation in the world. The city has been an avid user of Cityworks AMS and PLL since their implementation in 2014. In …