In the Field. On the Go.

Your work isn’t limited to your desk. Your data shouldn’t be, either. We offer a variety of tools to help you access and update valuable information on your laptop, tablet, and smartphone.

Cityworks mobile native apps displayed on an iOS device

Mobile Native Apps

Cityworks on iOS and Android provide a range of field-specific tools. The apps cache data locally on the device, allowing field crews to conduct inspections and perform maintenance even out of network range. Empower your field crews to contribute to the ArcGIS system of record and system of engagement.

Cityworks Respond

Take the full functionality of Cityworks Office into the field. With the help of a continuous network connection, Respond helps you maintain continuous, real-time updates from your tablet. Respond also offers an advanced map interface and the power to create and manage aspects of Cityworks from a remote location.

See Cityworks Mobile Solutions in Use

Barcode Scanning with Cityworks Storeroom

In order to care for your public assets, you need a reliable inventory of parts and supplies. But manual inventory tracking can be time-consuming and error-prone. That’s why we’ve focused on improving barcoding capabilities in Cityworks Storeroom. Storeroom 1.1, which is compatible with Cityworks 15.2.5 and newer, supports barcode scanning to search for materials and …

Asset Management: A New Hope

Like a lost answer on a hidden planet, St. George Energy was in need of help to improve asset management. As the fastest growing metro area in the United States with new meter installations happening every day, a solution needed to be found and fast. Cityworks and asset management was known in the city, but …

Cityworks and ArcGIS: Location Intelligence Solutions

Today, it seems everyone is talking about “location intelligence”—almost at the risk of it becoming a buzzword. We all experience the uniqueness of location intelligence daily with the explosion of mobile devices and location services, making it possible to constantly know our location relative to a desired destination. Knowing location has always been important for …