Operational Insights provides organizations with a means to identify and assess high-risk assets and establish maintenance strategies to increase their lifespan. Heat maps and interactive data visualizations help asset managers better understand their data so improvement funding can be prioritized and applied more accurately.

Identify and Evaluate Risk

Operational Insights can be configured to use your GIS and asset data to calculate Probability of Failure (PoF), Consequence of Failure (CoF) and Business Risk Exposure (BRE) values.

Monitor Asset Performance

Measure and track the performance of your assets over their entire lifespan by tying your maintenance and inspection data to risk assessment calculations.

Inform Your Asset Management Strategy

Interactive data visualizations display risk assessment results in real-time, helping you create a clear strategy for improving your risk management and prioritizing maintenance.


Get to Know Your Cityworks Apps

Cityworks AMS and Cityworks PLL are designed to support business workflows at every level of your organization and across multiple departments. We also recognize that your field inspector doesn’t need the same tools your warehouse manager uses. That’s where Cityworks apps come in. Here’s an overview of the latest applications that support unique end-user experiences …

Evolving From Siloed Databases to Enterprise Workflows

The southern Piedmont region of the United States, nestled between the Appalachian Mountains and the eastern coastline, is one of the fastest growing regions in the country. The ongoing development boom and steady population influx over the last several decades, while generally a sign of a robust economy, can also lead to environmental indicators such …

20 Quotes from 2021 Cityworks Innovate Conference

So many amazing insights and ideas were shared at the Cityworks Innovate Conference. Here are 20 noteworthy quotes from the general sessions that encapsulate the innovative spirit of the conference.  1. “25 years ago, the idea for GIS-centric asset management was born. Cityworks wouldn’t be possible without our deep partnership with Esri. As an ArcGIS …