Operational Insights

Empowering Risk Analysis

Every asset has an optimum lifespan. Some are at higher risk of failure than others, and tracking that can be challenging. Operational Insights from Cityworks provides data-informed risk analysis built on your knowledge of your infrastructure to help you calculate your maintenance requirements.

With Operational Insights, you develop an acceptable risk profile for each asset and create a strategy to manage general wear-and-tear. Through effective utility and infrastructure management, you gain accurate insights to gauge the maintenance needs of your assets. This information can be used to develop a plan to manage each asset and assess its viability throughout its lifecycle.

Reduce Reactive

Refine Your
Future Forcast

Tailor Your Preventative
Maintenance Needs

Track Your
High Risk Assets

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Reduce Reactive Maintenance

Reactive maintenance is costly. If a water main breaks at a major intersection, your risk exposure is not just the water main. You will have road repairs, traffic backups, and citizen inconvenience in addition to the asset repair. Factoring maintenance into your planning helps to prevent problems like this before they start.


With Operational Insights, you set the parameters that are essential to your maintenance plan and determine which events trigger an asset check. This allows you to prioritize your asset management based on your infrastructure realities. By minimizing reactive maintenance, you allocate resources effectively, maximize asset lifespan, and keep your infrastructure functioning.​

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Identify High-Risk Assets

Operational Insights allows you to establish asset maintenance strategies by gauging the requirements of your action plan to increase the lifespan of high-risk assets and predict equipment failure. With ArcGIS, you take that identification a step further. By setting specific location parameters tied to GIS mapping technology, you tie asset history and acceptable risk parameters to specific locations and facilitate work order management.

“By implementing Operational Insights, we solved our criticality-inspection-rehab process to extend the lifespan of aging infrastructure.”


Tom Tibbitts,

GIS/AM/IS Manager, St. Johns County Utilities

Plan For the Future

As you gather data about your assets’ maintenance needs, you can integrate that information into future models. This allows better predictions of replacement and repair needs and costs and the establishment of a preventative maintenance schedule. Better data management results in improved management of physical assets. It also allows you to plan for new assets as your community grows and infrastructure is added.

Integrating With OpX

Once you’ve identified your acceptable risk parameters and developed mitigation strategies, you can share that information with OpX. This GIS-centric preventative maintenance software allows you to organize work orders, budget data, and physical asset information in one place by pulling data from multiple Cityworks apps. With GIS-oriented data integration, you prevent
costly data silos.

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