Performance Budgeting provides a framework for activity-based budgeting reconciliation, year-to-date tracking, and annual and daily budget projections. Track your work progress against desired or anticipated levels to better promote crew accountability and efficiency, improve data quality and material tracking, and provide administrators with reliable indicators for infrastructure management.


As work orders are generated and costs added, Budget Reports on actual expenditures track your year-to-date (YTD) against the baseline budgets.


Performance Budgeting can be configured to align with your fiscal year, budget hierarchy, program codes, overhead costs, and more.

Create Baseline Budgets

Develop baseline budgets for each of your activities by using estimated work activity costs for equipment, labor, and material. The activities and estimated costs generate daily and annual costs, along with optimal crew sizes.

Plan Fiscal Year Work

Users or financial analysts can distribute the anticipated work throughout their fiscal year, based on percentage. This function allows transparency on the cyclical work and assists in the year-to-date reporting.


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