You need to provide a public-facing, front-end permitting application to help your customers stay connected. Cityworks Public Access replaces traditional counter-based workflows with a GIS-centric public portal for developers, contractors, and residents. Your customers can help you begin the asset lifecycle by applying for permits and licenses, paying fees, scheduling inspections, and more.

Screenshot of a public access checklist


5 Tips for Migrating to Cityworks Online

After nearly 20 years of using Cityworks as an on-premises application, the City of Suffolk, Virginia, decided to transition to a cloud-based system. This move was prompted by the need to provide employees with a means of accessing Cityworks remotely without having to use a VPN, as well as give external users a way to …

Creating Stronger Communities through Cityworks PLL

Communities are constantly evolving and must update to meet new challenges. Proper oversight is essential to help foster safety, health, and longevity for cities as they are developing and redeveloping. From new builds to water infrastructure upgrades, the permitting, licensing, application, and inspection process plays a central role in supporting sustainable community development. Cities, local …

5 Benefits of GIS-Centric Asset Management for Urban Forestry

The impact that trees have within our urban environments is often overlooked and underestimated. Trees not only bring beauty to our cities, they also improve a community’s overall health and well-being. Healthy urban canopies can help clean the air, cut energy consumption by up to 25%, boost property value, reduce costs associated with stormwater management …