You need to provide a public-facing, front-end permitting application to help your customers stay connected. Cityworks Public Access replaces traditional counter-based workflows with a GIS-centric public portal for developers, contractors, and residents. Your customers can help you begin the asset lifecycle by applying for permits and licenses, paying fees, scheduling inspections, and more.


Get to Know Your Cityworks Apps

Cityworks AMS and Cityworks PLL are designed to support business workflows at every level of your organization and across multiple departments. We also recognize that your field inspector doesn’t need the same tools your warehouse manager uses. That’s where Cityworks apps come in. Here’s an overview of the latest applications that support unique end-user experiences …

Cityworks PLL and Public Access: How They Revamped the ROW Permit Process in Grand Rapids, MN

The GIS coordinator for the City of Grand Rapids, Minnesota shares how Cityworks PLL and Public Access have streamlined the ROW permit process. In the fall of 2018, our city engineer decided to address the struggle of not being able to accurately inspect the locations of right-of-way permits (ROW) that were being submitted. The Achilles …

Using the Cityworks Public Access App to Interact with Customers

Front-end, public-facing permitting and licensing solutions help communities run more efficiently by eliminating paperwork and streamlining the permitting and inspection processes. By providing a public portal to Cityworks PLL workflows, Public Access empowers residents and contractors to apply for logins, submit and view PLL work activities, generate reports, schedule inspections, and pay fees from a flexible online …