Inventory Management Solutions for Public Works and Utilities

Connected Infrastructure Systems Bring Visibility to Every Stage of Your Supply Chain

Inventory management can be costly and time-consuming. Successful warehouse management is key to tracking inventory and optimizing your entire supply chain, from initial requisitions to asset installations. Efficient inventory management helps keep your costs down, minimizes job delays due to material availability and ensures reorders happen on-schedule. 

Storeroom from Cityworks is a cloud-based inventory management system that works as both a standalone

application or as an integrated part of the Cityworks platform to optimize your operations in the field and the warehouse with a connected infrastructure system. With the adaptability and up-to-date maneuverability of an SaaS asset management system, Storeroom provides users the ability to manage inventory and integrate data to keep workflows efficient. In addition to the dynamic flexibility of cloud-based asset management, Storeroom can be deployed on-site for organizations with unique needs.

Keep Your Inventory Under Control

Material management is complex, and failing to manage supply  well can result in operational inefficiencies. Discover how Cityworks Storeroom can help you reduce costs, monitor inventory, and streamline common warehouse management tasks with mobile, tablet, and desktop solutions to facilitate your inventory management.

Real-Time Inventory Tracking

Measure and track the performance of your assets over their entire lifespan by tying your maintenance data to risk assessment calculations and expected useful life.

Understand Your Costs

Storeroom helps you account for cost updates and quantity adjustments, improving your efficiency and performance. With Storeroom’s warehouse management solutions, you have complete control of your inventory, from intake to reorder. 

Independence Missouri Power and Light uses Storeroom as part of a holistic approach to managing the utility’s workflows from warehouse inventory to work orders to GIS.

Streamline Material Audits

Physical inventory audits often require warehouse operations to stop until the audit is complete. By configuring cycle counts in Storeroom, you can create scheduled reminders to audit materials incrementally throughout the year. From private sector warehouses to large municipal governments, Storeroom simplifies the logistics of inventory audits.

The City of Grand Rapids, MI, is the second largest city in Michigan. When they implemented Storeroom to manage the inventory for their Traffic & Safety Department and sign shop, they were able to fine-tune workflows and maximize audit efficiency. 

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Simplify Common Tasks

Use Storeroom on a mobile device and take advantage of barcode and QR code scanning. You can quickly add, search, filter, and select materials. Features like Storeroom cloning allow administrators to easily configure and deploy new domains or service trucks. 

The City of St. George, UT, has implemented the barcode scanning technology of Storeroom to create an integrated process to scan materials directly onto work orders. By optimizing inventory management, the city was able to eliminate manual data entry and boost productivity. 

 “Prior to the Storeroom implementation, our inventory audit saw a variance of negative $66,706—or 0.02 percent. In the first fiscal year after the implementation, the warehouse inventory audit saw a variance of positive $3067—or 0.00089 percent.”

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Austin Nichols,

Business Analyst, City of Weatherford Information Technology Department

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