Asset Management

If You Track It, You Can Fix It

Managing capital assets requires minimizing the total cost of owning, operating, and maintaining assets while improving levels of service.

Built exclusively on Esri’s innovative ArcGIS technology, the Cityworks web GIS-centric platform can help you streamline the care and maintenance of your public infrastructure assets. 


Because assets occupy a location, maps have always been a valuable way to catalog infrastructure data. Using the ArcGIS geodatabase as the authoritative system of record, Cityworks lets you leverage the inherent power of GIS through spatial analysis of work activities, mobile field operations, and operational insights. 

Improve Operations

The Cityworks platform offers easy-to-use tools that support individuals at all levels of your organization—from management and staff to contractors and residents.

Cityworks and ArcGIS together offer a powerful system of record, system of engagement, and system of insight for public asset management. Track historical work,  understand associated costs, establish and streamline workflows, schedule preventative maintenance, and streamline the permitting process.

Understand and Prioritize Risk

Once you begin collecting data on your assets, you can begin to understand the health of your infrastructure. Cityworks helps you identify and prioritize risk, prepare for emergency events, and gain new operational insights.

Support Your Business Process

More and more, public agencies are required to do more with less. The Cityworks enterprise asset management system helps you develop a long-term asset management strategy. Build a business case for necessary personnel and resources, identify strategic capital investments, implement process improvements, enhance organizational efficiency, and build a more resilient, sustainable, and safe community—a smart community.

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