Community Engagement

Build Community Infrastructure and Constituent Confidence

Empower Citizens to Care for Their Communities

Community engagement is essential for gaining insight into how residents interact with infrastructure. It empowers community members to address the everyday problems, from potholes to graffiti, that matter to them. Cityworks empowers community engagement by streamlining reporting processes, automating work order generation, and integrating with trusted reporting apps on its Public Access application.

Improve Customer Service and Transparency

Potholes, graffiti, and problem intersections all have one thing in common: they are historically difficult to report issues that can cause big problems for local communities. Cityworks Public Access provides the framework to link constituents and stakeholders to enable easy reporting of the problems that impact their daily lives.

Leverage Public Access

Public Access is the Cityworks app that helps governments and citizens connect. With a citizen engagement portal that permits front-end applications for permits, licenses, and more, you can minimize paperwork and improve efficiency and customer service.

API and Developer Tools

Cityworks offers its users the ability to integrate with a variety of third party apps to help you leverage the flexibility of other softwares with Cityworks’ seamless workflows. This customizable interface makes it possible to create the solutions you need integrated across platforms.

Responsive dashboards showing what tools can be used for community engagement.
Dashboard of Cityworks Respond with map

Gather Location-Based Data

With ArcGIS providing precise location data, communities that use Cityworks Public Access empower their residents to provide real-time information about the infrastructure that affects their lives. By giving them the ability to tie their reports to precise geographic data, utilities and public works groups develop an even deeper knowledge of their assets and how those assets affect their communities.

Constituent Engagement

Improve Customer Service and Transparency

More than ever, residents want to help improve their community. And, more than ever, local leaders want to ensure resources are effectively used to improve the experience of their residents. Cityworks and ArcGIS offer powerful tools to support community engagement. 

Cityworks desktop and mobile application interface
Cityworks desktop and mobile application interface

Gather More Data

Residents and local business owners are often the first to notice problems. When you incorporate constituent engagement into your asset management strategy, you can leverage community members as valuable contributors to your system of record.

Easy Map Tools

Cityworks data and Esri web maps empower your residents and business owners to provide input, remain informed, and monitor progress.

Cityworks desktop and mobile application interface
Cityworks desktop and mobile application interface

Public Access

Navigating government services can be daunting for both internal and external users. Public Access provides a single starting point with customizable landing pages.

API and Developer Tools

Cityworks supports a range of add-ons and third-party applications that expand its functionality for specific situations.

See Constituent Engagement at Work

Getting the Most Bang for the Buck

Making long-term plans while also managing day-to-day operations is hard. There’s always something competing for your time. By collecting relevant data along the way, you can help make strategic planning easier. The City of Topeka is an expert at employing this approach. City officials recently shared how they collect and assess data from city systems such as SeeClickFix, Cityworks, and