Emergency Management

First In, Last Out

When disaster strikes, your teams are the first to respond. Even after the worst is over, your teams remain on the scene to assist with cleanup, recovery, and repair. Cityworks supports emergency management teams from preparation and planning to response and recovery.

Collect Data

The emergency operations center includes many public agencies, from police and fire to public works and utilities. Cityworks and ArcGIS together provide an authoritative system of record to track service requests, work orders, and other emergency activities across all departments. Whether you’re in the EOC or in the field, Cityworks and ArcGIS makes it easy to share and access information.

Share Data

With project tracking, feature service publishing, and ArcGIS Online, Cityworks enables communities to identify damage as it occurs in real-time and communicate necessary updates to the public. After a disaster, detailed project tracking allows organizations to quickly produce thorough FEMA reports and reimbursement requests.

Build Resilient Communities

In conjunction with Esri’s Disaster Response Program, Cityworks supports communities responding to disasters. If your community can benefit from participating in the Cityworks disaster response program, please contact us.

See Emergency Management Solutions at Work

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Disaster Preparation and Recovery

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