Whether you’re working to extend the life of existing buildings or bringing new facilities online, you need effective tools to manage your buildings and the assets within them.

Cityworks is designed to integrate seamlessly with the Esri ArcGIS Indoors platform. Together, our solutions support user-friendly indoor spatial awareness and intelligent asset management.

Workers on site of wastewater treatment plant fixing sensors

Simplified Workflows

Configurable workflows help you engage management, staff, and residents in the care and maintenance of your facilities. 

Female disability colleague discussing business before/after meeting

Routing and Navigation

Cityworks mobile native apps integrate seamlessly with ArcGIS Indoors, giving end users full spatial awareness and helping them navigate both familiar and unfamiliar spaces.

Maintenance Engineer is Inspecting the Boiling System at the Heating Plant. He is Standing in the Basement of the Power Station with Protective Headphones and is Doing Quality Control While Checking the Heating System on his Laptop.

IoT Solutions

Real-time sensor data can be used to trigger notifications and work activity within Cityworks, helping employees complete inspections and repairs quickly and efficiently.

Cityworks ARCGIS Dashboard on monitor

Analysis and Insights

Powerful dashboards and mapping tools allow you to create and share location-aware data visualizations and analytics across your organization and with the public.

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