Permits and Licensing

Take the Work Out of Workflow

Cityworks PLL—permits, licensing and land—gives agencies direct control of their business processes. Designed to simplify applications for customers and streamline workflows for staff, Cityworks PLL helps local governments and utilities deliver better service to their communities.

Track Permits and Work Activity

Maps have always been an easy way to catalog and visualize location data. When you assign work activity and permitting information to a specific location, you open a whole new world of efficiency and communication.

 Improve Communication

Our unique template design allows organizations to set up as many templates as they need to manage their specific business processes. Cityworks also provides the flexibility for multiple departments to group together, allowing an organization to fully manage their business processes. By tracking key information and attaching associated documents to each case, Cityworks eliminates the need to transfer documents from one department to another. 

Visualize Your Data

Using ArcGIS as the authoritative system of record, Cityworks supports spatial analysis of permit applications, code inspections, work activities, and operational insights. Map layers can display current projects as they are tied to a parcel or building, and public dashboards improve transparency and accountability.

Track Fees in One Location

Cityworks PLL uses fee codes to track and calculate assessments for permits, cases, and applications. Designed specifically to meet the complex calculations types common to public agencies, Cityworks PLL supports flat, incremental, variable, linear, percentage, and minimum fee structures.

New fee schedules and effective dates can be set to automatically recalculate, and permission-based overrides allow for extenuating circumstances.

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