Public Works

Foster resilient, safe, and sustainable communities through effective infrastructure management.


Public works officials face some of the toughest challenges of our time. They are tasked with ensuring that public infrastructure is safe, efficient, and sustainable while staying within the constraints of a budget and keeping up with increased demand. Effective asset management tools can significantly help keep pace with aging infrastructure and ensure that public assets are properly managed. 

The Cityworks platform provides simple tools that help communities easily track inspections and work activities, respond quickly to community needs, improve infrastructure performance, and inform capital planning.


From the field to the office, Cityworks empowers you to effectively manage public assets, complete permitting activities, track work activities, communicate with customers and stakeholders, execute capital improvement projects, and much more.

woman on the phone looking at a computer screen while holding a pen connected to paper
worker in the field completing a work order on his laptop

A Dynamic Solution

Cityworks is built on open standards, giving you complete access to your data in an open architecture that easily integrates with new and existing business systems. Custom templates and workflows can be tailored to fit specific operational processes in your organization.

worker in the field with a white hardhat looking on his phone with construction vehicles in the background

Take Cityworks to the Field

Give field crews easy access to infrastructure data and allow them to collect information, report observations, upload pictures, complete outstanding tasks, and use visual map tools to streamline workflows—all from the palm of their hands.

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Keep Everyone in the Loop

Cityworks data and ArcGIS tools empower your customers to provide input, remain informed, and monitor progress. Involve the public and key stakeholders through the use of data visualizations, public portals, and customer service tools.

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Location Intelligence

GIS maps offer a superior platform for interpreting data and supporting location intelligence. Cityworks and ArcGIS help local governments and utilities do more with less when managing capital infrastructure and regulations.


Take a closer look at the solutions Cityworks offers to help streamline business processes and work activities in your community.

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