Warehouse Management

Keep Your Inventory Under Control

Material management is one of the most costly areas of any organization. The key to success? An efficiently-run, well-organized warehouse where inventory levels are monitored, material is available, and reordering is easy.

Know What You Have. Know When You Need It.

Cityworks Storeroom add-on software is an application designed to track warehouse transactions in a secure environment. Storeroom tracks incoming and outgoing materials from multiple storage areas, including work vehicles. It also manages stock, material cost, suppliers, and requisitions.

Create Detailed Reports

Storeroom supports cycle counts, barcode technology, ABC valuation, and LIFO/FIFO and weighted average cost types. Searches can retrieve transaction records, materials, amounts, and other information. Storeroom is integrated with Cityworks Analytics, which enables more detailed graphical reports.

Improve Your Supply Chain

Storeroom allows you collect valuable data to support your daily materials requirements. By tracking suppliers, for example, Cityworks users have been able to reduce the number of suppliers used, consolidate material purchasing, eliminate redundancies, and negotiate pricing and delivery services.

See Warehouse Management Solutions at Work

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Storeroom: Best Practices and Unique Uses

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Automating Warehouse Workflows in St. George

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