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Aging water and wastewater infrastructure is a global problem. At a time of increased regulatory oversight and heightened consumer expectations, utilities need solutions that offer real-time authoritative data to measure asset performance; prioritize repair activities; and improve capital planning, event response, and infrastructure resilience.

two workers conducting tests with standing on a railing above wastewater

Field Investigation and Repair

Mobile solutions allow your field crews to quickly and easily complete work orders or inspections.

woman viewing Cityworks AMS of the wastewater report

Analysis and Real-Time Insights

Powerful dashboards allow you to create and share location-aware data visualizations across your organization and with the public.

two employees discussing further actions while looking at data on a Cityworks AMS

Risk Strategy and Prioritization

Leverage built-in analytics tools to calculate probability of failure, consequence of failure, and business risk exposure.

man holding an iPhone that has a work order pulled up on it

Customer and Community Engagement

Improve communication and data sharing with your customers while also taking your business processes online.


Monitor asset performance with the new IoT solution from Cityworks that combines the power of ArcGIS, Trimble Unity, and the Trimble Telog family of battery-powered, wireless recorders and sensors.

These tools can be configured to trigger inspections and work orders in Cityworks AMS, empowering your organization to respond quickly and effectively.

trimble with Cityworks integration tools


Trimble Unity Mobile for Cityworks is a new app that improves end-to-end services and optimizes asset management for water utilities. 


The app works together with Cityworks AMS and Cityworks mobile apps to provide extended, value-added capabilities for water workflows. On Windows devices, this app includes an integration with E.H. Wachs to streamline valve exercising data collection.


In this webinar, you’ll learn how Cityworks IoT can be configured to trigger inspections and work orders, empowering your organization to respond quickly and effectively.