Work Management

Work Better. Together.

You work hard to keep your infrastructure up and running, but information silos and legacy systems can get in the way. Cityworks is designed to help agencies improve communication, streamline workflows, and track historical work data. 

Cityworks desktop and mobile application interface

Schedule Work Activities With Ease

Cityworks gives you a detailed framework for asset management. By incorporating GIS into the asset repository, Cityworks lets you easily group assets by location, type, age, or other key parameters. These groupings can then be used to create maintenance activities such as preventive work, reactive work, tests, or inspections.

Easy Map Tools

ArcGIS maps are an integral part of the work management process. Because Cityworks is built exclusively on Esri’s ArcGIS, you can easily create powerful map visualizations of database queries. Map open work orders, service requests, or work orders of a specific type and assignment. These tools empower both management and staff to interact with asset data.

Data Mobility

Your work isn’t limited to your desk. Your data shouldn’t be, either. Cityworks offers a variety of tools to help you and your field crews access and update valuable information on the job and on the go.

Never Miss Another Work Order

Cityworks lets you track work performed on any asset at any given time throughout its lifecycle. Users can easily search for active work orders and view them dynamically on the GIS map. Track overdue work orders and monitor work associated with a specific task, contractor, or project.

Improve Communication

Once you have the ability to track asset data and work history, you can also better share this information with other staff, other departments, and members of the public. Cityworks users have developed solutions to improve communications for inspections and repairs, permitting, emergency events, FAA reporting, resident requests, and more. What’s your solution?

See Work Management Solutions at Work

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